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10.1.7 Printout Report Template

Printout Report Template

The selection described in Chapter 10.1.3 is relatively time-consuming. It is possible to save such a selection including graphics as a template that you can use for other models. Creating printout reports becomes more efficient with these templates.

An existing printout report can also be saved as a template.

Creating new templates

New templates are defined by using the two printout report menus:

    • Settings → Printout Report Template → New
    • Settings → Printout Report Template → New from Current Printout Report.

First, the selection dialog box described in Chapter 10.1.3 opens.

Use the tabs to select the chapters that you want to print. When the selection is complete, click [OK] and enter a Description of the new report template.

Figure 10.29 New Printout Report Template dialog box
New from Current Printout Report

The selection of the currently shown printout report is used for the new template. You have to enter the Description of the new report template in the dialog box (see Figure 10.29).

Applying templates

When a printout report is already open, you can apply the selected contents of a template to the current report. To open the corresponding dialog box, use the menu option

    • Settings → Printout Report Template → Select.

A dialog box opens where you can select the template from the list of the Available Printout Report Templates.

Figure 10.30 Printout Report Template dialog box

More information about the buttons in this dialog box can be found in Table 10.6.

After confirming the dialog box and the subsequent security query, the current selection is overwritten by the template.

When you create a new printout report, you can select a template from the Printout Report Template list to apply specific settings to the new report.

Figure 10.31 New Printout Report dialog box with list of templates
Managing templates

All templates are managed in the Printout Report Template dialog box. To open this dialog box, use the menu option

    • Settings → Printout Report Template → Select.

The dialog box shown in Figure 10.30 appears. The functions of the buttons are only enabled for user-defined templates.

Table 10.6 Buttons in the Printout Report Template dialog box

Allows you to change the name of the selected template.

Deletes the selected template.

The printout report templates are stored in the RfemProtocolConfig.cfg file that can be found in the master data folder for RFEM 5, C:\ProgramData\Dlubal\RFEM 5.xx\General Data. The file is not overwritten during an update. By copying the file, the report templates can be transferred to another computer.