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10.1.11 Exporting a Printout Report

Exporting a Printout Report

The printout report can be exported to different file formats or directly to VCmaster.

RTF export

All common word processing programs support the RTF file format. To export the printout report including graphics as an RTF document, use the menu option

    • File → Export to RTF.

The Save As Windows dialog box opens.

Figure 10.37 Save As dialog box

Enter the storage location and the file name. If you select the Export selected blocks only check box, only the chapter(s) that have previously been selected in the navigator are exported instead of the entire report.

PDF export

The integrated PDF printer allows you to output report data as a PDF file. To open the corresponding dialog box, use the menu item

    • File → Export to PDF.

The Save As Windows dialog box opens (see Figure 10.37) where you have to enter the storage location and the file name. In the Description dialog section below, you can enter notes for the PDF file.

Moreover, the PDF file is created with bookmarks that make navigating the digital document easier.

VCmaster export

VCmaster from the Veit Christoph company (formerly BauText) is a word processing program with specific extras for structural calculations.

To start the direct export to VCmaster, use the [Export to VCmaster] button in the printout report toolbar.

For a successful export, VCmaster should already run in the background.