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10.1.12 Language Settings

Language Settings

The language in the printout report is independent of the language set for the RFEM user interface. Thus, you can create a German or Italian printout report when you are working with the English program version.

Changing the language for a printout

To change the language used in the printout report, select the menu entry

    • Settings → Language.

A dialog box opens where you can select the desired language from the list.

Figure 10.38 Languages dialog box
Adding available languages

The expressions used in the printout report are stored as strings. Thus, adding new languages is relatively easy.

First, open the Languages dialog box with the menu option

    • Settings → Language.

In the lower part of the dialog box, there are some buttons for managing the languages.

Creating new languages

In the dialog box, specify the Name of the new language and select a Language group from the list so that the character set is interpreted correctly.

Figure 10.39 Create New Language dialog box

After clicking [OK], the new language is available in the list of Existing Languages.

Figure 10.40 Languages dialog box, Edit Selected Language button

You can use the button to enter the strings of the new language.

Figure 10.41 Edit Printout Report Texts dialog box

Only user-defined languages can be edited.

Copying languages
Figure 10.42 Languages dialog box, Create New Language via Copy button

This function is similar to the creation of a new language. The difference is that you do not create an "empty" language column (see Figure 10.41, Basque column) since the terms of the selected language are preset.

Renaming or deleting languages

Use the remaining buttons of the Languages dialog box to rename or delete a language. The two functions cannot be accessed for the default languages, only for user-defined languages.