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10.2.3 Color Scale

Color Scale

Figure 10.51 Graphic Printout dialog box, Color Scale tab

The tab is available when results are shown in a multicolored display (see Chapter 9.3).


The color scale of the control panel is usually printed as well. If you do not want to print it, select the No color scale check box.

When the panel lies In the graphic picture, the color scale overlaps a part of the picture. It is possible to specify the position of the panel: You can either define it in one of the four corners or as a User-defined arrangement.

The Out of graphic picture option cuts off a strip of the graphic window and uses it only for the color scale. You can define the Scale width in the lower part of the dialog box.


The size of the color scale can be defined in absolute dimensions or relative to the picture size.

Multicolor Scales

If member and surface results are displayed together in the work window, it is possible to define the color scale relevant for the screen in the control panel (see Figure 9.50). On the sheet, however, two color scales are displayed in this case. Their arrangement can be specified in this dialog section.


The color-value assignment in the work window can be user-defined (see Chapter 3.4.6).

You can determine whether the default color scale that refers to the extreme values (Max/Min) or the user-defined color scale is used for the printout. For the latter, no dynamic update is available.

Quick Overview of this Section

Quick Overview of this Section