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11.1.3 Units and Decimal Places

Units and Decimal Places

The units and decimal places for RFEM and all add-on modules are managed in one dialog box. The settings can be modified as required for modeling or evaluation. All numerical values are converted or adjusted.

Changing units and decimal Places

Many dialog boxes provide the button shown on the left, which you can use to access the dialog box for changing units and decimal places (see Figure 11.4 for Display Properties dialog box).

To open the Units and Decimal Places dialog box, you can also use the menu option

    • Edit → Units and Decimal Places.
Figure 11.6 Units and Decimal Places dialog box

First, select the module whose units or decimal places you want to adjust in the Program / Module dialog section. The right side of the dialog box changes depending on the selection.

Four dialog tabs are provided for RFEM so that you can specify settings separately for the Model, Loads, and Results data, as well as the Dimensions. For some add-on modules, the right part of the dialog box is also divided into several tabs. The units and decimal places are summarized in groups.

If the dialog box was opened from another dialog box (e.g. New Member), the relevant units and decimal places are marked with a red triangle on the right as shown in the figure above.

Saving and importing units as user profiles

The settings in the Units and Decimal Places dialog box can be saved and reused in other models. This way, creating specific unit profiles for models consisting of steel and reinforced concrete, for example, is possible.

The button shown on the left opens a dialog box where you have to enter the Name of the new units user profile.

Figure 11.7 Save Profile dialog box

To use this profile as the default setting for new models, select the Save profile as default check box.

A user profile can be imported with the button shown on the left. A dialog box opens where several profiles are available for selection. A metric and an imperial (Anglo-american) unit profile are preset as default settings.

Figure 11.8 Load Profile dialog box