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This chapter describes the comment fields in the dialog boxes and tables (see Figure 4.12, for example). The comments that you can insert graphically are described in Chapter 11.3.6.

Using comments

You can enter any text into the comment fields. With the [Import Comment] button shown on the left, you can also use predefined text modules that are managed across models.

A dialog box appears showing a list of stored text modules.

Figure 11.9 Import Comment dialog box

The List of Default Comments contains all comments that are suitable for the category. Click the [Import] button to insert the selected comment into the comment field of the dialog box. If the comment field already contains text, it is overwritten. Then you can further edit the comment in the comment field.

Use the button shown on the left to add the selected comment to a comment field text that is already available.

Creating and managing comments

In the Import Comment dialog box (Figure 11.9), you can create new text modules with the button shown on the left. Alternatively, you can use the Comments tab in the Program Options dialog box where all comments are managed. To open the dialog box, use the menu option

    • Options → Program Options

or the toolbar button shown on the left.

Figure 11.10 Program Options dialog box, Comments tab

The Category dialog section allows you to control, which group (i.e. input table or input dialog box) you want to assign the comment text to.

The Comments for Default dialog section provides four buttons that have the following functions.

Table 11.2 Buttons in Program Options dialog box, Comments tab
Button Description

Creates a new comment within the marked Category.
Enter the text in the list.

Deletes the comment that is selected in the list.

Moves the selected comment upwards.

Moves the selected comment downwards.

When the special selection is used (see Chapter 11.2.2), you can filter data by user-defined comments.

Figure 11.11 Special Selection dialog box for nodes filtered by Comment (dialog section)

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