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11.1.6 Search Function

Search Function

Selection via table

To find an object in the graphic, you can also use the tables: Click into the desired table row to highlight the relevant object in the work window. Use this method for simpler models to quickly and easily detect objects in the graphic.

The graphical selection by means of the table only works if the synchronization of the selection is active (see Chapter 11.5.4).

Search via object number

In RFEM, you can search for specific objects, which is especially recommended for larger structures. To access the search function, use the menu entry

    • Edit → Find via Number.

The following dialog box appears.

Figure 11.13 Find Object with Number dialog box

In the Object dialog section, use the list to specify what type of object to search for: node, line, surface, solid, member, or even finite element. Enter the No. of the object directly into the text box or use the list to select it.

After clicking [OK], a big arrow indicates the object you searched for in the work window. The arrow is still displayed when you adjust the area around the object by zooming or rotating the model. The arrow disappears with a click into the workspace.