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11.1.7 Viewpoint and View Angle

Viewpoint and View Angle

RFEM provides the standard views [in X-Direction], [in Reverse Y-Direction], [in Z-Direction], as well as the [Isometric View], selectable with the buttons shown on the left.

Additional buttons for user-defined coordinate systems and angles of view are available in the list button of the toolbar and in the Views navigator (see Chapter

If these views including the rotating option ( button while holding down [Ctrl] key) do not result in the desired display, you can use the extended options of the Edit Viewpoint dialog box.

To open the dialog box, use the menu item

    • View → Viewpoint.
Figure 11.14 Edit Viewpoint dialog box

Clicking and moving the mouse in the preview windows on the right allows you to set the viewpoint and view angle. In addition, you can adjust the factor of the Perspective.

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