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11.1.8 Determining the Centroid

Determining the Centroid

The overall centroid of the model is automatically displayed when the FE mesh is successfully generated and the corresponding option in the Display navigator under the General entry is selected. Color and size can be adjusted in the Display Properties dialog box under the Colors → Other → Center of Gravity category (see Chapter 11.1.2).

It is also possible to determine the centroid of specific objects: Select the relevant members, surfaces, and solids, for example via multiple selection or by opening a selection window (see Chapter 11.2). You can activate the shortcut menu shown on the left by right-clicking one of the objects. The Centroid and Info menu entry opens a dialog box with information about the selected objects.

Figure 11.15 Centroid and Info About Selected Objects dialog box

The dialog box provides the Centroid Coordinates in relation to the origin of the global axis system XYZ. In the work window, the centroid is indicated by an arrow. You can also use the Create new node in centroid option to create a node at this location.

In addition to the global Envelope Size of the selected objects, the following Additional Info is displayed:

    • Area of all surfaces
    • Length of all members
    • Surface area of visible surfaces of all objects
    • Volume of material
    • Mass of material

Quick Overview of this Section

Quick Overview of this Section