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11.3.5 Dimensions


It is possible to add user-defined dimension lines to the model.

To apply dimensioning functions, select the menu entry

    • Insert → Dimensions

or use the corresponding toolbar buttons.

Figure 11.51 New Dimension buttons

The following dimension options can be selected:

Table 11.5 Dimensioning functions
Dimension Dimensioned Objects


Lengths between two or several nodes

Arc length

Length between the nodes of an arc


Angle between three nodes or two lines


Circle and arc diameters or radii


Inclination angle between a line and a plane


Height level of a node

The New Dimension dialog box opens. The appearance of the dialog box depends on your selection.

Figure 11.52 New Linear Dimension dialog box

Use the selection pointer and click the objects that represent the dimensioning's reference points one by one. In the Reference dialog section, you can select the real length or the projection in one of the global axis directions.

The Plane dialog section controls where the dimension line is applied. This setting refers to the axes of the global coordinate system XYZ or the line axes. If you change the plane and move the pointer in the graphic, you can see the effect of both selection fields.

Use the four check boxes in the Options dialog section to define the information that appears on the values. When you select Symbol, you can enter a dimensioning symbol or select it from the list. Select Hide value to switch off the measured value so that only the symbol appears.

The Offset determines the distance of the dimension line from the first selected node. The distance can also be defined graphically by using the mouse pointer. To definitively place the dimension line, click into the work window or use the [Set Dimension] button.

To define a chain dimensioning with equal offset, click the individual nodes one by one and then specify the offset.

To set the display of dimension lines, use the Display navigator or the general shortcut menu (right-click into an object-free area of the work window).

Figure 11.53 Display navigator (Guide Objects → Dimensions) and general shortcut menu

When the model geometry is modified, the dimensions are adjusted automatically.

Double-click a dimension to open the Edit Dimension dialog box where you can retroactively adjust the offset. However, if you want to relate the dimension line to other nodes or lines, delete the dimension first, then redefine it.

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Quick Overview of this Section