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There are two types of comments:

    • Comments in dialog boxes and tables (see Chapter 11.1.4)
    • Comments in the work window

This chapter describes how comments are set graphically.

You can place comments in relation to nodes and centers of lines and members, or you can place them anywhere in the current work plane or in a global plane.

To open the dialog box for placing comments, select the menu entry

    • Insert → Comments

or use the corresponding toolbar button.

Figure 11.54 New Comment button

The New Comment dialog box opens.

Figure 11.55 New Comment dialog box

Enter the comment text into the Text dialog section. The appearance of comments regarding colors and [Fonts] can be adjusted in the Options dialog section. Optionally, the comment can be Framed by a rectangle or circle.

The Rotation of the comment allows you to user-define the comment text arrangement.

If the check box in the Offset dialog section is selected, the comment is arranged at a certain distance from the selected object. You can also define the distance graphically: First, click the object after entering the comment text. Then, use the pointer to locate the appropriate position where you enter the comment text with another mouse click. RFEM displays the current work plane so that you can place the comment correctly. If necessary, you can change the work plane before placing the comment.

To set the display of comments, use the Display navigator or the general shortcut menu (right-click into an object-free area of the work window, see Figure 11.56).

Figure 11.56 Display navigator (Guide Objects → Comments) and general shortcut menu

When the model geometry is modified, comments are adjusted automatically.

Comment texts including offset can be edited retroactively: Double-click the comment in the work window or its entry in the Data navigator.

You can move comments by using the drag-and-drop function (to copy them, hold down the [Ctrl] key). Please note the following: When you "grab" the arrow of the comment at its head, you can move the entire comment. When you "grab" its text instead, the arrowhead continues to point to the object; the position of the comment text in the work plane can now be adjusted.

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