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11.3.11 Margins and Stretch Factors

Margins and Stretch Factors

In most cases, it is not necessary to change the full screen arrangement or the scaling of the model in the work window. If you have to adjust the global display parameters regardless, use the menu option

    • Options → Display Margins and Stretch Factors

to open a dialog box that manages the default settings.

Buttons in Select View menu
Buttons in Select View menu
Figure 11.73 Display Margins and Stretch Factors dialog box

The Graphic Margins dialog section allows you to control the minimum distances that are kept for the display of the model on the four sides of the work window's margins. The values are percentages in relation to the total height or width of the work window. They have an impact when using the buttons of the Select View menu (see figure on the left) or the Show Whole Model function [F8] for the window-filling graphical display.

To display the model in a distorted view, you can define factors not equal to 1 for the global directions in the Compress or Stretch Model dialog section. However, customizing settings in this way may only be required in exceptional cases. They only affect the display of the model, not the actual geometry: To scale the model, use the Edit → Scale function (see Chapter 11.4.5).

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