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11.4.6 Shear


This feature rotates objects about an axis and only adjusts the coordinates of a single direction. You can use the shear function to, for example, move horizontal members into the inclination plane of a roof. The member lengths are adjusted and the horizontal components of the coordinates remain unchanged.

Before you use the function, select the members and the related nodes.

To open the dialog box for entering the shearing parameters, select the menu item

    • Edit → Shear
Shortcut menu of selected objects
Shortcut menu of selected objects

or use the shortcut menu of the selected objects.

Figure 11.88 3D Shearing dialog box

In the Slope dialog section, enter the rotation angle in [°] or [%].

The parameters for Shearing can be defined in two ways:

    • The rotation axis runs parallel to a plane that is spanned by the axes of the global axis system XYZ. In this case, activate the About axis option and select the relevant axis of rotation from the list. Then, in the In direction list, select the global axis that is relevant for adjusting the node coordinates. Finally, in the Starting Plane dialog section, enter the point of rotation.
    • The rotation axis lies anywhere in the work plane. In this case, activate the second option. Then, in the Starting Plane dialog section, define both points of the rotation axis and another point for determining the plane. You can also select the points graphically.

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