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11.4.13 Inserting Members

Inserting Members

This function allows you to define a section that has different cross-section properties on an existing member. The original member is divided by two intermediate nodes.

To access the corresponding function, use the menu option

    • Insert → Model Data → Members → Graphically → Inserted Member.

After selecting the relevant member in the work window, the following dialog box appears.

Figure 11.101 New Inserted Member dialog box

Define both division points with mouse clicks in the work window. A cross on the pointer position indicates the current division point on the member. The distances shown when moving the pointer along the member are managed with the Step text box.

The x-locations of the start and end nodes are displayed in the text boxes of the Inserted Member dialog section where they can be modified, if necessary. The Length of the intermediate member appears below.

The Reference dialog section allows you to control whether the division spacings are related to the absolute lengths or to the relative distances from the member start.

The Cross-section can either be accepted or newly assigned from the list of already defined cross-sections. With the buttons shown on the left, you can create a [New] cross-section or select a cross-section from the [Library].

The Numbering Starts with dialog section controls the numbering of new objects.

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