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11.4.15 Rounding Corners

Rounding Corners

Corners and edges in the model may result in singularity effects. To open the dialog box for realistically modeling corners using fillet radii, use the menu option

    • Tools → Create Round or Angled Corner.

It is not necessary to select both lines beforehand. The following dialog box appears.

Figure 11.103 Create Round or Angled Corner dialog box

In the Corner Type dialog section, specify if the corner zone should be made round or angled. Depending on the selection, you have to enter the fillet radius r or a reduction by the lengths l1 and l2 in the Parameters dialog section.

Then, select both lines by mouse-click in the work window without closing the dialog box. The line numbers are shown in the Create Between Lines No. dialog section.

When the Cut lines check box is selected, RFEM deletes the extensions of the original lines that overlap in the corner zone after creating the arc or the new line. The Delete corner option also removes the node in the corner.

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