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11.4.16 Splitting Surfaces

Splitting Surfaces

During the modeling process, it may be necessary to split a surface into surface components.

A plane surface has to be defined by four lines. It must not contain any reentrant corner. The lines cannot be intersecting lines, trajectory curves, or similar objects.

Surface shortcut menu
Surface shortcut menu

To divide a surface, right-click it and select Split Surface in the shortcut menu. This function is not only available for plane surfaces but also for quadrangle and rotated surfaces, pipes, etc.

Figure 11.104 Split Surface dialog box

A preview appears in the Split Surface dialog box, suggesting a division that illustrates the preset parameters. When you change the Number of divisions for both boundary line pairs A and C, as well as B and D, the graphic immediately shows the new sub-surfaces.

A Relative distance can be defined for each division line, which also enables irregular splitting patterns.

In the graphic window, you can use the common mouse functions such as zooming or rotating to change the view (see Chapter 3.4.9).

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