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11.4.17 Applying Tangents to Circles

Applying Tangents to Circles

You can easily create a tangent on an arc or a circle by using the object snap (see Chapter 11.3.3). A special feature allows you to even find the tangent(s) to two circles or circular arcs. To access this function, use the menu option

    • Tools → Tangent to Two Circles/Arcs.

The following dialog box appears.

Figure 11.105 Tangent to Circles or Arcs dialog box (above) with result (below)

First, click both circle linies or arc lines one after the other in the work window. RFEM drafts the possible tangents as gray lines. Now click the relevant line. RFEM divides the circular or arc lines by nodes and creates the tangent as a new line.

By selecting the Trim arcs check box, you can automatically remove overlapping line sections that result from the division (see figure above).

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