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11.5.3 View Functions

View Functions

The table display can be adjusted by means of various view functions.

Accessing the view functions

To access the view functions, select the menu entry

    • Table → View or
    • Table → Optimize Load Data.

Some view functions can also be accessed in the toolbar of the table.

Figure 11.116 Buttons for several view functions in the table toolbar
Table 11.10 View functions
Function Effect

Only filled rows

Hides all empty table rows.

Only marked rows

Only shows the marked rows.

Selected objects only

Only shows the objects selected in the graphic.

Select related objects

In addition to loads, the associated model objects (members, nodes, sets of members) are selected in the graphic.
The function is only available in the loads tables 3.

Compress data

Combines objects with the same loads into a single table row in the loads tables.

Decompress data

Lists the loads individually for each object.

Result filter

The table output can be restricted to particular result types (see Chapter 11.5.5).

Info about cross-section

Shows the characteristic values of the current cross-section.

Result diagrams

Displays the results of the selected member graphically in a new window (see Chapter 9.5).

Colored relation scales

Switches the display of the red and blue bars in the table on and off.

Title bar

Switches the title bar on and off.

Selection in Toolbar

Switches the toolbar on and off.

Column bar

Switches the column headings (A, B, C, ...) on and off.

Status bar

Switches the status bar of the table on and off.

Highlight table row

The table row where the pointer is placed is highlighted with colors or is not marked.

Example: Only filled rows

A table contains empty rows that affect its clarity.

Figure 11.117 Table with empty rows

Use the Only Filled Rows button in the table toolbar to hide all empty table rows.

Figure 11.118 Table without empty rows

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