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11.5.4 Table Settings

Table Settings

The font and color settings used in the tables can be individually adjusted. It is also possible to synchronize the selection in the graphic with the one in the table.

Accessing the table settings

To access the settings, use the menu option

    • Table → Settings.

To activate and deactivate the synchronization of the selection, you can also use the table toolbar buttons.

Figure 11.119 Buttons for Synchronized Selection
Table 11.11 Table settings
Function Effect


Opens the Colors dialog box (see Figure 11.120). Colors of individual table objects can be adjusted separately.


Opens the Font dialog box (see Figure 11.120). Font, style, and font size can be modified globally for all table objects.

Select current object in the graphic

The object of the table row where the pointer is placed is also selected in the work window (default setting).

Show selected object in tables

The objects selected in the work window are also highlighted with colors in the table (default setting).

Table 11.11
Figure 11.120 Colors and Font dialog boxes

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