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Extruding surfaces

By extruding planar surfaces, you can quickly create spatial geometric objects.

Extrude options
Extrude options

Access this function by selecting the surface entries in the menu

    • Tools → Extrude.

You can also use the shortcut menu of the relevant surface.

Figure 11.143 Surface shortcut menu

The following three options control, which objects are created through the parallel shift of the surface in the work space:

    • Solid: A 3D solid is created (see Chapter 4.5).
    • Casing: Only surfaces that encase the spatial object are generated.
    • Members: Members are created on the connection lines between the nodes and their copies. Optionally, the basic surface is copied as well.

Depending on your choice, a new dialog box appears where you have to define the relevant parameters. The Depth d can be entered directly or determined graphically with the mouse.

Figure 11.144 Extrude Solid dialog box