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Duopitch roof

Figure 11.195 Generate Snow Loads - Duopitch Roof dialog box

First, define the standard and, if necessary, the national annex in the Snow Load Parameters dialog section. This setting controls, which text boxes can be accessed.

Specify the parameters as described in Chapter The Roof Geometry of a duopitch roof is defined by the roof's corner nodes A to F in accordance with the dialog graphic. You can also use the button to graphically determine the nodes in the work window.

Specify the load case numbers for the load generation in the Load Cases to Generate and Load Cases for Drifted Snow Load dialog sections. Alternative load cases are created when additional snow loads (e.g. DIN 1055-5, Figure 4) or shape coefficients (e.g. EN 1991-1-3, Figure 5.3) are taken into account. The relevant snow load cases can be created with the button.