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12.1 Project Manager

In structural analyses, a project is often subdivided into several positions. These positions are called "Models" in RFEM. The Project Manager helps you to organize the models of all Dlubal applications. You can also use it for managing RFEM models within the network (see Chapter 12.3).

The project manager can be left open in the background as a stand-alone application while working in RFEM.

To open the project manager, select File → Project Manager in the menu or use the toolbar button shown on the left.

Figure 12.1 Project Manager button in the toolbar

The project manager can also be accessed in the model's General Data dialog box.

Figure 12.2 Project Manager button in the General Data dialog box

When you open the project manager, the following multi-part window appears. It has its own menu and toolbar.

Figure 12.3 Project manager
Project Navigator

A navigator that lists all projects in a tree structure is displayed on the left. The current project is marked in bold. To select a different project, double-click it or use the Current Project list in the toolbar. The table to the right of the navigator lists the models contained in the selected project.

Table of models

The models are arranged in several tabs, sorted by Dlubal applications. The RFEM tab lists all RFEM models contained in the selected project. The Model Name and Description are displayed, as well as significant model and file information including the name of the user who created and edited the model.

To adjust the displayed columns, select View → Manage Register Columns in the menu or use the corresponding button.


This part of the window shows all information available for the model selected in the table.


The selected model is displayed in a preview. The size of the preview window can be adjusted by moving the upper edge of the window.


The bottom area of the project manager provides a graphical overview of all models contained in the selected project. The thumbnail images are interactive with the table of the models.

Use the pins to minimize particular window parts. They are then docked as tabs in the footer.