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12.1.3 Data Backup

Data Backup


You can back up selected models or even an entire project folder in a compressed archive file. The models or folders remain on the hard disk.

To start the archiving process,

    • select Archive Data → Make Archive in the menu (select model or project beforehand) or
    • use the shortcut menu of the project (see Figure 12.7) or model (see Figure 12.12).
Figure 12.16 Archive dialog box

The backup file can be generated with or without results and printout reports. Further options allow for the integration of subprojects and files that do not belong to any of the Dlubal applications.

When the Name and Folder of the archive file are defined, you can create a ZIP file by clicking [OK].

Extracting from archives

To unpack an archive, select the project manager menu entry

    • Archive Data → Extract Project from Archive or
    • Archive Data → Extract Models.

The Open Windows dialog box appears where you can select the ZIP archive file. After clicking [OK], the content is displayed:

Figure 12.17 Extract Project with Models from Archive dialog box

In the Select Models to Extract dialog section, you can select the models that you want to restore. They can either be unpacked with the original project settings or as a new project. In the Place project under list, you can define the integration in the management structure of the project manager. You can also create a new directory with .

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