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RFEM – Online Manual

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Displaying thumbnails and details

You can customize the area below the model table. There are two options for additional windows that can be activated independently of each other.

To set the display options, select the menu item

    • View → Pictures Preview of All Models or
    • View → Details of Current Models

or use the corresponding toolbar buttons:

Table 12.1 Buttons for setting the view

Shows thumbnail images of all models in the project

Shows model details and preview of model

Sorting models

The arrangement of models in the table can be adjusted: As is familiar from Windows applications, you can sort the list in ascending or descending order by clicking one of the various column titles. Alternatively, you can use the menu option

    • View → Sort Models.
Adjusting columns

To arrange the columns as required,

    • select View → Manage Register Columns in the menu or
    • use the [Manage Register Columns] button in the toolbar.
Figure 12.18 Manage Register Columns dialog box

First, specify the Register whose columns you want to adjust (e.g. RFEM). In the Columns - Available list, you can select the relevant entries and transfer them to the Columns - To Display list. Use the buttons for the transfer, or double-click the items. Columns that you do not want displayed can be hidden with the buttons.

The order of columns in the model list can be changed by using the and buttons in the Columns - To Display list to move a selected entry up or down.

To optimize the column widths of the model list, select View → Arrange Automatically in the menu or use the corresponding toolbar button.