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Recycle bin

To restore deleted projects and models, use the project manager menu option

    • Edit → Restore from Dlubal Recycle Bin.

A dialog box appears where all deleted models are listed by projects.

Figure 12.19 Restore Models from Dlubal Recycle Bin dialog box

Select the desired models per mouse click (you can select all models at once with the button). Click the button to reinsert the deleted models into the original project folders.

To delete the objects stored in the Dlubal recycle bin, use the menu item

    • Edit → Empty Dlubal Recycle Bin.

Before the final deletion, a security query is displayed.

The settings for the Dlubal recycle bin are available with the project manager menu entry

    • Edit → Settings for Dlubal Recycle Bin.

A dialog box appears where the specifications for storage location and memory size are managed.

Figure 12.20 Settings for Dlubal Recycle Bin dialog box