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The directories of the project manager (and block manager) can be checked in the Program Options. To open this dialog box, select the project manager menu option

    • Edit → Program Options.
Figure 12.21 Settings dialog box

In the Category, the settings for the project manager and block manager are managed separately. The folder and the file name are displayed in the text box below where they can be adjusted, if necessary. The projects are managed in the PRO.DLP file, which is stored in the folder C:\ProgramData\Dlubal\Global\Project Manager by default. The button helps you to set another directory path.

Since the project manager is network-compatible, you can organize the data management for the models contained in the project manager in a central place: Set the directory to the PRO.DLP file on the server (see Chapter 12.3).

The Options dialog section provides general settings for handling RFEM files: A message usually appears when opening a file in the Explorer, e-mail program, etc. if the related folder is not integrated into the management of the project manager. This message can be deactivated. You can also decide, which program version you want to use to create or open model files.