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12.3 Network Management

When several users work on the same projects, model management can be organized via the project manager, provided that the models are stored in a folder that is accessible on the network.

First, connect the network folder to the internal project management. This is described in Chapter 12.1.1. This allows you to directly access the models of this folder in the project manager, which means that you can open or copy the models, check their history, provide them with write protection, etc.

If another user is already working on the model that you want to open, a warning appears. In this case, you can open the model as a copy.

Figure 12.34 Query when opening a write-protected model

An automatic data synchronization of modifications is not possible.

Information about the projects registered in the project manager is stored in the PRO.DLP file. It is an ASCII file that is stored in the directory C:\ProgramData\Dlubal\Global\Project Manager by default.

By copying the PRO.DLP file to another computer, you can avoid having to connect folders project by project. In addition, the file can be edited by an editor. This facilitates the import of all relevant project folders into the internal file management of the project manager, especially after new installations. As an alternative, you can use the Import Folder feature (see Chapter 12.1.1).

Before copying the PRO.DLP file, such as before uninstalling Dlubal applications, it is recommended to save the existing file.

The project manager is network-compatible as well. The file management can thus be organized in a central place so that all users are incorporated into one common project management. To define the network settings, select the project manager menu entry

    • Edit → Program Options.

A dialog box opens where you can define the storage location for the PRO.DLP file (see Figure 12.21).

The project manager runs on every local computer, but each is using the central server file PRO.DLP. In this way, all users can carry out modifications to the project structure at the same time. For writing access to the PRO.DLP file, the file is locked for a short time and is unlocked immediately afterwards.