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12.4.2 Importing a Block

Importing a Block

To import a block into the current RFEM model, open the block manager (see Figure 12.35). Select the category in the catalog first. Then you can select the relevant block with a mouse-click in the RFEM tab.

To start the import,

    • select Block → Insert Block in the menu or
    • use the shortcut menu of the block.
Figure 12.39 Block shortcut menu

You can also double-click the block in the table. The following dialog box appears.

Figure 12.40 Insert Block dialog box

Specify the Insert Point of Block (the "snap point") and the Global Position of Reference Point in the dialog box. The points can also be selected graphically in the block model or the RFEM model.

Geometric Parameters as well as Materials and Cross-Sections can be modified. A click into the corresponding text box enables buttons that you can use to select items from a list or to open libraries.

For user-defined blocks, it is even possible to import loads: The Active Load can be selected in the list.

Use the button to access specific import settings.

Figure 12.41 Detail Settings dialog box

The Detail Settings dialog box allows you to control how objects are aligned with the existing model elements. You can also influence the Numbering.

Click the button in this dialog box (see Figure 12.41) to open another dialog box. In it, you can select the load cases, load combinations, and result combinations for the import.

Figure 12.42 Select Loading dialog box

Quick Overview of this Section

Quick Overview of this Section