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12.5.1 Direct Data Exchange

Direct Data Exchange

Dlubal applications

RFEM provides an interface to software programs developed by the Dlubal company. Input data of all previous RFEM versions can be imported without problems. Files of the framework program RSTAB can also be directly opened in RFEM and surface or solid elements can be added. Conversely, you can also open RFEM 5 files in RSTAB 8.

Tekla Structures / AutoCAD

RFEM has a direct connection to CAD programs from Tekla Structures and AutoCAD (but not for LT versions). With it, you can use the advantages of BIM (Building Information Modeling) with RFEM to exchange data models for digital planning purposes.

To start the direct data exchange, select the menu option

  • File → Import or
  • File → Export

or use the toolbar buttons shown on the left.

The dialog box shown in Figure 12.44 or Figure 12.45 opens where you can select the desired CAD program in the Direct Imports or Direct Exports dialog section.

The buttons in the Export/Import toolbar have the following functions:

Table 12.3 Buttons of Export/Import toolbar

Direct import from Tekla Structures

Direct export to Tekla Structures

Direct import from AutoCAD

Direct export to AutoCAD

Descriptions of the interfaces with Tekla Structures and Autodesk Revit are available for download on our website (only in German).