Verification Examples

Glass-Foil-Glass-Gas-Glass Plate

A composite plate, consisting of three glass layers, one foil layer and the inner space with the dry air is fully fixed and loaded with the variable temperature. Neglecting it's self-weight, determine plate's maximum deflection.

Glass-Foil-Glass Cantilever Plate

Determination of the maximum deflection of the cantilever consisting of two glass layers and one foil layer in between. Plate is fully fixed at one end and subjected to the uniform pressure.

Double-Pane Glass Without Coupling of Layers

Determination of the maximum displacement, in-plane stresses and stress ratios of a simply-supported double-pane glass plate with a foil between both glass panes subjected to a uniform pressure.

Three Layer Sandwich Cantilever

A sandwich cantilever consists of three layers (the core and two faces). It is fixed on the left end and loaded by the concentrated force on the right end.

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