Conveyor Bridge for Conveyor Belt System, Uzbekistan

Customer Project

Structural Engineering Ingenieurbüro Jürgen Ehlenz
Beckingen, Germany

Length: 29 m | Width: 2.92 m | Height: 10.1 m | Weight: ~ 8 t
Nonlinear Effects: compression and tension members, cables
Number of Nodes: 293 | Members: 581 | Materials: 1 | Cross-Sections: 29

The conveyor bridge is a part of the conveyor belt system realized in Uzbekistan.

Engineering office Jürgen Ehlenz, the customer of Dlubal Software, was responsible for structural analysis and detailed design of the conveyor bridge and other parts of the conveyor belt system.


The bridge is used to shift a conveyor belt.

On both sides, there is a catwalk. For lack of space, the bridge was designed as a truss structure, the cantilevered part as a plate structure.

Some of the cross‑sections were modeled in SHAPE‑THIN.

Programs Used for Structural Analysis

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