Marina Hotel Kressbronn-Gohrenb at Lake Constance, Germany

Customer Project

Structural Engineering Ingenieurbüro Rohmer GmbH
Straßäckerweg 20
D-88471 Laupheim, Germany

Length: 40.9 m | Width: 32.0 m | Height: 15.7 m | Weight: 2,106 t
Number of Members: 123 | Surfaces: 92 | Materials: 1 | Cross-Sections: 6

The multi-story hotel is in a seismic active area (Earthquake zone 2).

By using RFEM, it was possible to create and analyze a realistic model of the complicated geometry of the structure.

The RF-DYNAM add-on module performed the seismic design without problems. Another software could not design the structure realistically so significantly higher building costs could be avoided.

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