Ice Hockey Arena in Jicin, Czech Republic

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TOBRYS s.r.o.
Prague, Czech Republic
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Altheim, Austria
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Kasper CZ s.r.o.
Trutnov, Czech Republic
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Prague, Czech Republic
Investor Town Jičín, Czech Republic

Length: 72 m | Width: 42 m | Height: 11 m | Weight: ~ 115 t
Number of Nodes: 559 | Members: 694 | Materials: 2 | Cross-Sections: 9

The new ice hockey arena in the Czech town of Jičín replaces the old, no longer modern outdoor stadium. The arena does not only serve as a venue for the local ice hockey team but also opens its doors for schools and the community.

WIEHAG GmbH, a customer of Dlubal Software, used RSTAB to calculate the impressive, column‑free roof structure consisting of truss girders made of glued laminated timber. Moreover, WIEHAG was responsible for the production and construction of the roof structure.

Structural System

The roof construction built up of glued laminated timber GL28c has the following dimensions:

  • Length: 72 m
  • Width: 42 m
  • Height: 11 m

The principal roof truss is composed of seven three‑hinged frames arranged in a spacing of 5 m, each with curved corners and a span length of 42 m.

Seven half‑frames with a span length of 21 m stand at both ends of the hall. They are connected in a star shape to the exterior main frames.

The secondary framework structure consists of single‑span purlins which are attached to the frame. The roof is stiffened by the frames in transversal direction and by steel bracing in longitudinal direction.

The complete timber construction has been assigned to service class 2. All structural timber components have the fire resistance class F 15, the structural steel parts have F 0.

The ice hockey arena opened its doors at the end of 2011.

Programs Used for Structural Analysis

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