Forum Gold and Silver in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany

Customer Project

Structural Engineering Structural Analysis for Facade Structure
Ingenieurbüro Klöckner GmbH
Nistertal, Germany
Construction Façade
EBENER GmbH Fassaden-Profiltechnik
Bad Marienberg, Germany

Steel Structure
SWW Stahlbau Westerwald
Heiligenroth, Germany
Architect isin architekten
Aalen, Germany
Investor Edelmetallverband Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany

The following data refers to the facade construction.

Length: ~ 25 m | Width: ~ 25 m | Height: ~ 25 m | Weight: ~ 55 t
Number of Nodes: 811 | Members: 1,276 | Materials: 2 | Cross-Sections: 7

By the day the 2014 State Garden Show begins, the construction of a building with a spectacular façade will be completed in the German town of Schwäbisch Gmünd. The project of the local association for noble metals is supposed to emphasize the reputation of the gold and silver town.

The house is intended to be used as a place for presentations and events which are associated with matters of gold and silver as well as design. The design of the building was commissioned by the German planning office isin architekten after winning the design competition. The German engineering office Klöckner carried out the structural calculation of the façade's supporting structure by using RSTAB. For the facade cassettes they used RFEM.

In connection with a wind report created by the German I.F.I. Institute for Industrial Aerodynamics, the wind loads to be applied were determined with a model put in a wind tunnel.

Façade Structure

The facade envelopes the building like a coat made of gold leaf. But in reality, the approximately 800 facade plates of 1.5 m x 1.5 m consist of an aluminum alloy that is coated on both sides with DURAFLON®, a FEVE stoveenamel finish for façades.

The steel supporting structure of the facade consists of 1,276 members altogether with steel grades of S 235 and S 355. It is fixed to the building at 80 points. Ten round pipe columns of d=159 mm bear the majority of the vertical loads.

The RSTAB add-on module STEEL EC3 was used for the calculation. The facade cassettes with a thickness of 3 mm were calculated by using the RFEM modules RF‑IMP, RF‑STABILITY and RF‑STEEL Surfaces.

The cassettes are stiffened in the field by aluminum edge profiles which were designed in RF‑ALUMINIUM.

Programs Used for Structural Analysis

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