Hotel Intercontinental in Davos, Switzerland

Customer Project

Structural Engineering Sailer Stepan und Partner GmbH, Ingenieure für Bauwesen VBI
Munich, Germany

Length: ~ 119 m | Width: ~ 74 m | Height: ~ 55 m
Nodes: 3,232 | Members: 638 | Surfaces: 652 | Finite Elements: 29,505 | Cross-Sections: 77

In December 2013, a hotel with extraordinary architecture was opened in Davos, Switzerland. The building has the shape of a ‘Golden Egg’ and is situated on a mountainside. The hotel is elliptic in shape with all corners rounded out. It was constructed with reinforced concrete and its external dimensions are about 105 m x 40 m.

The structural analysis of the 3D model was performed by the German engineering office Sailer Stepan & Partners who used the structural analysis software RFEM by Dlubal Software. Furthermore, the structural engineers made a comparative calculation by means of a beam analysis program.


The oval main building with its eleven stories is based on three basement stories. In order to accommodate seminar rooms, restaurants and a ballroom in the first floor, broader column grids were needed. Therefore, V‑shaped columns were arranged in the first floor. In this way, it was possible to set up smaller and more efficient column grids in the upper floors. In addition, the V‑columns couple the ceiling of the first floor horizontally to the cellar.

The floor in the 10th story, where the sky lounge is placed, spans an inner courtyard of a length of 34 m. That is why in this part of the building a composite truss girder as high as a story was designed to which the two composite beam ceilings of the 9th and 10th story are monolithically connected.

As the building has been designed jointlessly, the truss girder was integrated into the building structure without any displaceable connections. With its high flexural resistance, the girder connects the two stiffening cores at the top ends like a horizontal beam and is elastically restrained in the adjacent walls.

As the hotel building lies in the seismic zone Z2 according to SIA 261, the corresponding seismic calculations were performed in addition to the structural analysis.

Programs Used for Structural Analysis

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