Concrete Shell Fabricated with "Pneumatic Wedge Method" in Vienna, Austria

Customer Project

Structural Engineering Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Institute of Structural Engineering
Concrete construction E212-2

Length: 10.3 m | Width: 10.3 m | Height: 3.5 m | Weight: ~ 15 t
Number of Nodes: 112 | Surfaces: 17 | Finite Elements: 44,560 | Materials: 1

The "Pneumatic Wedge Method" is a new technique for the construction of double-curved concrete surfaces by means of pneumatic formwork. The advantage of this method is that elaborate structures for molds and scaffolding are not needed anymore.

Using the "Pneumatic Wedge Method", the Vienna University of Technology has built a double-curved concrete shell as part of a research project. The deformation process and the final structural conditions have been checked with RFEM.

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