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Structural Engineering Ingenieurbüro Neulichedl & Partner
Schafferstraße 37
I-39012 Meran, Italy
Investor Autonomous Province of Bolzano, Italy

The cylindrical steel structure of an aviary consists of an upper column in form of an inclined spoked wheel and a base with anchoring spans as an observation platform.

Structural Engineering MERO-TSK International GmbH & Co. KG
Würzburg, Germany

The Eden Project in Cornwall, United Kingdom, is a complex of two huge biome buildings consisting of several domes and outdoor gardens. Inside the biomes, there are plants of several thousands species collected from many diverse climates and environments which serves for biological studies and exhibitions.

The Rainforest Biome was built in the second phase of The Eden Project’s development. It is kept at a tropical temperature and moisture level and covers over 1,000 varieties of tropical plants.

Structural Engineering MERO-TSK International GmbH & Co. KG
Max-Mengeringhausen-Str. 5
D-97084 Würzburg, Germany

Length: 61.37 m | Width: 50.17 m | Height: 9.67 m | Weight: 168.83 t
Nodes: 4,581 | Members: 6,752 | Materials: 6, Cross-Sections: 56

20 load cases, 99 load groups and 3 load combinations.

The structure was modeled using 108 cross-sections partly created in SHAPE‑THIN.

Structural Engineering Konstruktiver Ingenieurbau
Ing.-Büro für Tragwerksplanung
Dipl.-Ing. A. Lorenz
Tel.: +49 (0) 221 940010-0; Fax: 221 940010-18
Structural Engineering Special Metal & Glass Structures
Dipl.-Ing. Jiri Kleprlik
Den Haager Straße 1
Würzburg, Germany
Diploma Thesis by Mr. Anatol Dündar
advisor Prof. Dr. G. Wiechert
University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt, Germany

The look-out tower was designed as line model in AutoCad and imported to RSTAB.

In consultation with, the structure has been optimized using various models during the planning phase. The model including 23 load cases, 12 result combinations and 1 load combination was calculated according to the second-order analysis.

Structural Engineering Konstruktionsbüro Kuitunen
Sudetenstrasse 39
91096 Möhrendorf, Germany
Tel.: +49 (0) 9131-483190

A part of hanging pipe bridge in the basement of the CHP Niederaußem Block K (BoA): In the basement of the vessel building runs a large and densely used pipe route which hangs on a reversed pipe bridge.

The aim was to use as little steel as possible to minimize the loads for the connecting buildings. This led to a very intense optimization process during the design of the structure.

Mr. Kuitunen says: "For this, RSTAB and its modules really proved very fast and reliable tools. Due to the good graphical view of results, we could do specific optimizations safely and quickly. As a result, we could save notable time in detailing and have well reached our original goal."

Bridge Abutment, Germany

21 April 2002

Structural Engineering STAUDT Planungsgesellschaft mbH
Wiethasestraße 5
50933 Cologne, Germany
Tel.: +49 (0) 221 405 023

The figure shows deformations due to the self-weight load case.

Structural Engineering Ingenieurbüro A. Pauser GmbH
Münichreiterstrasse 31
A-1130 Vienna, Austria
Tel.: +43 (01) 8773425 79

Both railway tracks are supported by four columns.

Structural Engineering Raadschelders Bouwadvies b.v.
Dokter W. Nijestraat 78
NL-2064XD Spaarndam, Netherlands

The building rests on seven columns and two wall surfaces. The front part has an overhang of approximately 3 m.

Structural Engineering Josef Gartner GmbH
Gartnerstrasse 20
89423 Gundelfingen, Germany

The figure show the equivalent stress distribution under concentrated load in coordinate origin.

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Successful Project with RFEM and RSTAB

“The art project 'Solhjul' was designed with the programs RSTAB and RFEM. The great support by Dlubal Software contributed to the success of the project.”

Project: Art Project "Solhjul" in Give, Denmark

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