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Engineering Office GSBK
Cracow, Poland

The designed object was created by BIM technology. Documentation is exchanged using IFC files. For the above-mentioned purposes, the object model was created in REVIT and then exported to RFEM, the place of setting the loads, and performing the element calculations and design.

Planning, Fabrication, Assembly Blumer-Lehmann AG
Gossau, Switzerland
Structural Analysis SJB.Kempter.Fitze AG
Eschenbach/Frauenfeld, Switzerland

In the new terminal of the international airport Oslo-Gardermoen, five pavilions have been built to provide a space for duty-free shops and restaurants.

Blumer-Lehmann AG in cooperation with Lindner Group planned, fabricated and assembled the freely shaped timber structures.

Structural Engineering Roof Structure
Ing.-Büro Wagner GmbH, Gangkofen, Germany

Timber Construction
Altheim, Austria

A family house with a remarkable roof structure was build in Upper Austria in 2014. The circle in the center of the building is spanned by a tented roof. It is built as a visible wooden structure and together with the light‑flooded glass facade, it is a real eye‑catcher.

Structural Engineering LACKNER + RAML Ziviltechniker – GmbH
Villach, Austria

In June 2013, one of the world's highest timber look-out structures was opened in Austria, on the Pyramidenkogel, a mountain in Carinthia. The tower including the spire is 100 m high. It has four accessible viewing platforms, one is closed and three are open, offering a breathtaking view over the Alps-Adriatic region and the lakes of Carinthia.

Structural Engineering Structural Analysis
TOBRYS s.r.o.
Prague, Czech Republic
Analysis of Timber Structure
Altheim, Austria

The new ice hockey arena in the Czech town of Jičín replaces the old, no longer modern outdoor stadium. The arena does not only serve as a venue for the local ice hockey team but also opens its doors for schools and the community.

WIEHAG GmbH, a customer of Dlubal Software, used RSTAB to calculate the impressive, column‑free roof structure consisting of truss girders made of glued laminated timber. Moreover, WIEHAG was responsible for the production and construction of the roof structure.

Structural Engineering Structural Analysis of Tower
Altheim, Austria

Structural Engineering Office
Ing.-Büro Wolf GmbH, Passau, Germany

In summer 2012, the first Czech tree-top walk was opened in Lipno in the presence of Václav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic. A path with a length of 675 m leads to the major tourist attraction: the tree tower.

On the top platform at a height of 40 m, visitors can enjoy the wonderful view from the wooden look-out construction over the Šumava National Park and the Lipno Dam on the Vltava River. In its center, the tower includes a playground slide of 52 m length representing the longest closed slide in the Czech Republic.

Structural Engineering Timber Structural Analysis
Pirmin Jung Ingenieure für Holzbau AG
Rain, Switzerland

Civil Engineer
Projekta AG
Altdorf, Switzerland

The bird watching tower in the Reuss river delta is an exceptional look-out construction in the Urner Alps. Its striking primary framework consists of 48 log wood columns standing in an inclined position. From four viewing platforms, people seeking relaxation enjoy the wonderful view into the river delta, and ornithologists can watch nesting birds.

Structural Engineering Häring Projekt AG
Eiken, Switzerland
Engineers: R. Schneider, C. Zihlmann
Investor Schweizer Rheinsalinen AG

In May 2012, the new Saldome2 of the Swiss company Salt Works on the Rhine AG was officially put into operation. With a span length of 120 m and a height of 31.6 m the salt storage is the biggest dome structure in Europe. It was designed and built by Häring, a Swiss company specialized in timber technology. The structural analysis was performed by Häring engineers, R. Schneider and C. Zihlmann, using the Dlubal Software programs RSTAB and TIMBER Pro.

Structural Engineering Architectural and Structural Design
ATP Architects and Engineers
Vienna, Austria

The G3 Shopping Resort in Gerasdorf, in the north of Vienna, was opened in 2012. At the time, it was the largest cross-laminated timber project ever and Europe's largest timber construction site.

Structural Engineering Project, Structural Analysis and Construction
Altheim, Austria

The path leading through forest tree-tops has a total length of 1,300 m and is the longest tree-top walk worldwide. It was built in 2009 in the Bavarian Forest National Park in Germany. The walk's principal magnet of tourism is the walkable tree tower with a height of 44 m. It consists of a spiral structure with a length of 520 m, directly connected to the 780 m long tree-top walk.

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