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Author inż. Jan Klimasara

Bialystok Technical University
Faculty of Civil and Environmental Sciences

The aim of the thesis was to design selected conrete elements of the university library building, made in monolithic technology. The design of the building is based on a mixed system - all structural elements (beams, columns, walls and slabs) work together.

Author Laurin Ernst
College University of Innsbruck, Department of Steel Structures and Mixed Construction Technology
The present work deals with the structural analysis of a steel workshop. The design is carried out continuously according to EUROCODE 3.

Author Marleen Eysel
College TU Dresden, Institute for Concrete Structures

The development into a jointless construction method in reinforced concrete building construction leads to an increased occurrence of restraint stresses and thus to cracks when exceeding the tensile strength in concrete. Eurocode 2-1-1 provides for a general approach to determining a minimum reinforcement for crack widths. After years of application, however, it has been shown, due to unscheduled cracks, that more and more uncertainties occur in the estimation of the point in time of the crack formation or the effective concrete tensile strength to be applied. The use of modern FEA programs offers an alternative approach by considering nonlinear designs of reinforced concrete structures, taking into account the imposed restraint stresses.

Author Krisztian Bodnar
College FH Joanneum Graz, Degree Program in Building Design and Construction
In steel structures, the economical and reliable dimensioning of structures can be achieved relatively easily by using standard connections. This is a great advantage of steel construction because a high degree of standardization is available due to numerous investigations and experiments in different subject areas. However, the application possibilities for end plate connections, for example, are limited in part due to the normative specifications and the associated restrictions in terms of geometry, so that in such cases, individual solutions must be found instead of the standard DASt connection types.

Author Daniel Dlubal, Marin Shera, Enea Tallushi, Roland Zellhuber
College Technische Hochschule München, Faculty of Civil Geo-Environment

Author Wojciech Radaczyński
School Wrocław University of Technology, Faculty of Civil and Civil Engineering

Author inż. Paweł Kotyś
School Wrocław University of Technology, Faculty of Civil and Civil Engineering

Author Daniel Dlubal, Roland Zellhuber
College Technical University of Munich, Chair of Structural Design
Supervisor Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lars Schiemann, Dipl.-Ing. Ann-Kathrin Goldbach

This design is the result of a collaboration of students of architecture and civil engineering at the Technical University of Munich.

Author Andrea Santello
School International Telematic University Uninettuno, Faculty of Engineering

Author Costa Dimisianos, Daniel Dlubal, Andreas Müller
College Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering

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