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11/ 23/ 2015


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Rigid End Plate Connections 

The RSTAB add-on module END-PLATE is used to calculate bending-resistant end plate connections with high-strength friction-grip bolts and rigid weld connections according to

 DIN 18800-1:1990-11.

END-PLATE provides a design and dimensioning mode for bolts, end plates and all welds of the connection. You can design the connections with double and singly symmetrical I-sections for an uniaxial acting moment with axial and shear force.


  • Calculation of two- or four-row bending-resistant end plate connections with flush or extended end plates according to DIN 18800
  • Calculation taking into account, contrary to the DSTV guidelines (German Steel Construction Association), axial forces (internal forces My, N, Vz) and freely definable, singly symmetrical I-sections
  • Option to calculate an exclusive axial force tension joint
  • Separate design option for the connection's welds with indication of values recommended by DIN 18800, part 1
  • Dimensioning of bolts, end plates and welds, or specification of constant values for bolts, flange and fillet welds as well as end plate thicknesses
  • Cost-efficient dimensioning due to complete use of available cross-section reserves
  • Efficient weld thicknesses as well as thicknesses of end plates appropriate to loading due to design with complete interaction of moment, shear and axial force
  • Output of the minimum required prestress forces for serviceability limit state design
  • Photo-realistic representation (3D rendering) of end plate with cross-section, bolts, welds and dimensioning


All settings required for the calculation are entered in the input tables. In addition, you can define the parameters that you want to use for the design.

The member ends to be designed can be selected graphically in the model. END-PLATE recognizes the corresponding cross-sections and their dimensions automatically. Furthermore, you can specify welds, bolt arrangement, end plate geometry and welds continuity. The graphics on the right in the module are adjusted dynamically in accordance with each modification that is entered. The end plate thickness, the welds and the bolt diameter can either be designed automatically by the program or defined by yourself. For connections at different locations, it is possible to select a structural, standardized connection type.

As END-PLATE automatically determines the governing internal forces from the load cases selected for the design, no manual input is required.


The structural connection elements are calculated taking into account the plastic characteristics of the material. Thus, you can adjust the structural behavior concerning the bolt size in relation to the end plate thickness in an optimal way.   

Irrespective of the selected design criteria and the type of connection, it is possible to calculate the welds in advance. Then, the shear force Vz,d will be assigned completely to the web weld aS, whereas the axial force Nd and the moment My,d, depending on the welds' size and design ratio, will be absorbed by the web and the flange weld. The calculation is performed for the welds in plastic state and is carried out iteratively.

The calculation of the bolts is simplified, that means that the bolts in the tension zone absorb the tensile force, whereas the bolts in the compression zone carry the vertical force by shearing and hole bearing. The compressive force is absorbed by contact with the flange subjected to compression, and therefore it doesn't affect the bolts.


All results of the dimensioning and the designs are displayed in detail in clearly arranged tables. An error list shows the non-designable elements or the recommendations that haven't been followed.

Due to the integration in RSTAB, subsequent modifications to the structure and load are automatically taken into account for the connections to be designed. In case one of the designs could not be fulfilled, END-PLATE highlights the relevant table row.

The output is represented in the global printout report of RSTAB, available as well-arranged short or full version.

Finally, it is possible to export all tables to MS Excel or OpenOffice.org Calc or in a CSV file without any problems. All specifications required for the export are defined in a special transfer menu.


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1.3 Bolts
1.3 Bolts
1.4 Loads
1.4 Loads
2.1 End Plate - Overview
2.1 End Plate - Overview
2.2 Dimensions - Cross-section
2.2 Dimensions - Cross-section
2.2 Dimensions - End Plate
2.2 Dimensions - End Plate
2.2 Dimensions - Bolts
2.2 Dimensions - Bolts
2.2 Dimensions - Welds
2.2 Dimensions - Welds
2.3 Component Design
2.3 Component Design
Printout Report
Printout Report
Plan for used member ends
Plan for used member ends
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