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Category Calculation

1. Because I have to design a very irregular structural system for earthquakes, I would like to know if RFEM performs the so-called modal analysis (considering several mode shapes) automatically on the spatial system, or if it needs a special setting. RFEM DYNAM Addition II
I have modeled a simple cable structure with prestress where the support forces are smaller than the prestressing force. To check it, I have analyzed two different spatial systems.

Example 1 is defined with a straight cable while the cable of example 2 has a rise.

Where does the difference come from?
3. When do I apply the different equation solving methods with "direct" and "iterative"? RFEM
4. The calculation of the critical load factor according to second-order analysis in RSTAB results in a value that differs significantly from the one of the RSBUCK calculation. RSTAB RSBUCK
5. Where are the limits for RSTAB concerning the number of structural elements? RSTAB
I noticed an inconsistency for the determined result combinations. For example, why is the maximum vertical support reaction of RC4 zero?

In my clear system, I can easily see that this cannot be true. The minimum load is alright. 
7. Why the program doesn't show any total displacement for result combinations? RFEM RSTAB
I have idealized a taper by using a start and end cross-section (calculated with SHAPE-THIN). Then, I have calculated the frame.
When I carry out the stress calculation in STEEL, the error message "Tapered member contains incompatible cross-sections" appears.

What can be the cause of the error?
When I tried to pick the imperfections in FE-LTB, the message "Diagonal coefficient of matrix < 0" was displayed.

What have I done wrong?
I have inserted a predeformation in RSTAB.
FE-LTB takes over the loads if desired, why not also the pre-deformations?


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