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I have a truss node to which several rectangular hollow sections are attached (modeled as FE shell structure). For the creation of a realistic connection it is necessary to remove those surface parts from some cross-sections that are lying in the node.
I have made it by modeling intersections and deactivating the corresponding surface parts. But working with this structure is much slower through this.
Is there any other user-friendly possibility to generate the node?
2. How can I display the local axis systems in RFEM and reverse the local axis z? RFEM
3. How can I delete empty load cases and rearrange the remaining ones? RFEM RSTAB
How can I start the add-on module RF-/DYNAM Addition II?
I can only find the program RF-/DYNAM under the DYNAM item, and there I cannot see any possibility to access RF-/DYNAM Addition II.
DYNAM Basic DYNAM Addition II RF-DYNAM Basic RF-DYNAM Addition II
5. I have the following problem occurring in RF-/FF-LTB: To analyze the effect on the load application point, I have defined the eccentricity e-z one time positively and another time negatively. A positive value, which means a load application on the lower chord, should be a contribution to the stabilization of the structural system. But this is not the case. What do I have to do? FE-LTB RF-FE-LTB
6. Is there any possibility to import automatically the effective lengths of members calculated in RSBUCK to KAPPA? KAPPA
7. Why are the cross-sections for round steel bars locked in the library of SHAPE-THIN? SHAPE-THIN
8. Is there any possibility in RSTAB to change the direction of a particular force component on all available nodal loads? RSTAB
9. We want to change the program language of RSTAB/RFEM because we have colleagues who don't speak English. How can we do that? RFEM RSTAB
10. Is it possible to calculate American steel cross-sections? RFEM RSTAB


On this page you find answers to frequently asked questions provided by Dlubal hotline engineers and also solutions to often encountered problems.

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