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Answers to frequently asked questions  


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Category Import, Export

1. For the creation of an information flyer we need some graphics of our projects from RFEM/RSTAB. We already know the printing to the clipboard, but is there any other way to save graphics? Can RFEM or RSTAB somehow create the graphics for further editing on the computer? RFEM RSTAB
2. Is it possible to import RSTAB systems to RFEM? RFEM RSTAB
3. The import of an DXF file to RSTAB/RFEM does not work. Now, what can I do? RFEM RSTAB
4. Is it possible to export data from RFEM to RSTAB? RFEM RSTAB
5. Is it possible to import CAD drawings to RFEM and to convert the drawing into an RFEM model? RFEM
6. Is it possible to export the design results of RF-CONCRETE Surfaces to a program used for the layout of welded wire meshes? RF-CONCRETE RFEM
7. After the import of a DXF file I have now several nodes with identical coordinates. Which options offers RSTAB to clean the system? RFEM RSTAB
8. Which possibilities do I have for exporting an existing project to Bentley ProStructures (ProSteel and ProConcrete), and how do I proceed? RFEM RSTAB
Is there any possibility to export the animations provided by RSTAB/RFEM (displacements, Auto Rotate of rendered model) so that they can be shown for presentations also without using RSTAB/RFEM?
10. I have imported an stp file to RSTAB. Now, the cross-section properties of the L- and Z-sections are exchanged. What can I do to avoid this? RFEM RSTAB


On this page you find answers to frequently asked questions provided by Dlubal hotline engineers and also solutions to often encountered problems.

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