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Data Protection - Hyvor Talk



This website uses the provider Hyvor Talk for the comment function. The comments and other exchanged data are securely stored within the Hyvor Talk system. Your personal data is processed and transmitted according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Purpose of the comment platform Hyvor Talk

We use Hyvor Talk as a commenting and reaction system on our website. This allows our visitors to write questions, comments, and remarks on almost all our websites. We can start discussions on various topics, thus encouraging intercommunication. Visitors also have the opportunity to provide feedback, send us new ideas, and leave us interesting suggestions. We also support our community in the exchange of ideas and information by offering this tool.


Contact details for Hyvor

The company responsible for this platform is Hyvor, No 130, Green Mount State, Madawa, Pilessa, Kurunegala, Sri Lanka. More information is available at:


Extent of disclosed data

Dlubal Software agrees that the following data is transmitted to Hyvor by using Hyvor Talk:

  • Website URL: is used in the console and in e-mails
  • Website identifier: is used to identify each website individually
  • Length of stay of the user
  • Reading behavior of the user: whether the user has scrolled down to read the comments or not

Data storage

Hyvor Talk only collects the information that is necessary for the operation of the commenting platform. Hyvor Talk stores the length of stay of the user (not personally identifiable) for analysis purposes. In addition, the company only saves the user's IP address if they leave a comment. The IP address is one of the most important metrics for moderators to block the IP addresses of spammers. Hyvor does not use the IP addresses for other purposes. If someone (guest, Hyvor or SSO) publishes a comment on a webpage, the user's current IP address visible to the moderators of the webpage is stored. This is usually used to block the IP addresses of spammers.


More information

Hyvor provides more information about its privacy policy at

Contact us

Contact Dlubal

If you have any questions about this privacy policy and the processing of your personal data, you can contact our internal data protection officer or write an e-mail to

Our data protection officer will also be at your disposal if you request information, suggestions or have any complaints.

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