New RFEM/RSTAB Program Features 2018

Live Demonstrations at BAU 2019

Product development in 2018 included numerous new developments in the Dlubal programs RFEM and RSTAB. You’ll find a small selection from this list below.

At BAU 2019, we will present to you our latest features and add-on modules including live demonstrations. Find us at booth 228 in Hall C5. 

New Features 2018

In 2018, the following new features were implemented in RFEM/RSTAB, the add-on modules, and stand-alone programs:

  • Export of the reinforcement concept from RF-/CONCRETE Members as well as RF-/CONCRETE Surfaces to Revit
  • Imposed line deformation in RFEM (e.g. to simulate foundation settlements)
  • Graphical and tabular display of forces and deformations of hinges and releases in RFEM
  • Solid load "Gas" (for RF-FORM-FINDING)
  • Nonlinear material models for membranes in RFEM ("Isotropic nonlinear elastic 2D/3D" and "Isotropic plastic 2D/3D")
  • Adaptiv mesh refinement in RFEM
  • Automatic determination of number of load increments in RFEM to solve nonlinear tasks efficiently 
  • Calculation of stiffened buckling panels according to EN 1993-1-5, 4.5 in SHAPE-THIN
  • Member hinge nonlinearity "Scaffolding Diagram" in RFEM
  • Torsional design in RF-LAMINATE
  • Printing option for visualized mode shape in RF-STEEL EC3
  • Member type "Dashpot" (e.g. for time history analyses in RF-/DYNAM Pro)
  • Link to TeamViewer in the Help menu
  • Conversion of Lehr's damping to Rayleigh damping in RF-/DYNAM Pro

New Add-on Module RF-/JOINTS Steel - Rigid

With the RF-/JOINTS Steel - Rigid add-on module, it is possible to configurate and design moment resisting joints of rolled and welded I-beams. The design is carried out according to EN 1993-1-8:2010 (including National Annexes). Three different types are available:

  • rigid beam to column joint with end plate
  • rigid end plate connection as beam joint
  • rigid splice plate connection

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