Dlubal Software Supports Steel Design for 10 International Standards

International Standards in Programs by Dlubal Software

Today, more than 7,500 users worldwide work with RFEM and RSTAB to analyze structural models. For this reason, Dlubal Software GmbH has set itself the task of implementing the various local standards in its programs.

Now, steel structures can be designed according to ten different standards with Dlubal software. The most recent development is the add-on module STEEL SP that allows for the design of single and continuous steel members according to the Russian Standard SP 16.13330.2011.

The add-on module is available for RFEM and RSTAB and works in a similar way to the already existing add-on modules used to design steel structures in accordance with international standards.

  • STEEL EC3 (Eurocode)
  • STEEL AISC (US Standard)
  • STEEL SIA (Swiss Standard)
  • STEEL IS (Indian Standard)
  • STEEL BS (British Standard)
  • STEEL GB (Chinese Standard)
  • STEEL CS (Canadian Standard)
  • STEEL AS (Australian Standard)
  • STEEL NTC-DF (Mexican Standard)

All add-on modules are intuitive and easy to use. If you have already worked with one of the STEEL modules, the time needed to learn how to use the new programs is reduced to a minimum.

Ultimate Limit State, Serviceability and Stability Designs

In addition to the ultimate and the serviceability limit state, all steel design modules allow you to analyze also the structure's stability. You can analyze simple or combined effects from compression, tension, bending and shear for members and sets of members. Moreover, it is possible to define lateral supports for beams. It is also possible to import coefficients for effective lengths from the add-on modules RSBUCK or RF-STABILITY.

A large variety of cross-sections in accordance with the country-specific standards is available, for example I- and T-sections, channels, angles, hollow sections, etc. If necessary, you can optimize them during the calculation.

More International Standards in Preparation

Currently, the Dlubal Software company is working on the development of two new add-on modules for steel design. STEEL SANS will allow for the design according to the South African standard. The Brazilian standard will be implemented in the add-on module STEEL NBR.

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