Fatigue Designs in RFEM and RSTAB

New Add-on Module RF-/STEEL Fatigue Members

7 May 2014

New Product

With the add-on module RF-/STEEL Fatigue Members you can perform fatigue designs according to EN 1993-1-9 for steel members and member sets. The program can be used, for example, for structural components with frequently changing loading like crane runways.

The fatigue design according to EN 1993-1-9 is based on the nominal stress concept. The internal forces are determined according to the structural analysis for members. The stresses are calculated according to the mechanics of materials at the location where the crack formation is expected.

This means that the ranges of nominal stress Δσ and Δτ as a result of the actions are contrasted with the design values of the fatigue strength ΔσR and ΔτR.

Furthermore, the concept of the partial safety values applies in EN 1993-1-9. The partial safety factor γMf for the fatigue strength is graded depending on the reliability concept and the possible consequences of failure.

Features of RF-/STEEL Fatigue Members

RF-/STEEL Fatigue Members imports all relevant information and internal forces from RFEM/RSTAB. The add-on module includes an extensive cross-section library and an extendable material library with the standard-specific strength values. Moreover, it is possible to optimize the cross-sections automatically and to export the modified cross-sections to RFEM/RSTAB.

The stress ranges for the available load cases, load combinations or result combinations are determined in the add-on module. The detail categories can be freely assigned on the available stress points of the cross-section. The input of damage equivalent factors mentioned in the respective standards is user-defined.

After the calculation you can see the design results including initial and intermediate values shown in the module tables. In addition, it is possible to graphically display in RFEM/RSTAB the locations that are more or less stressed. All input and result values as well as graphics can be easily integrated in the verifiable printout report of RFEM/RSTAB.

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