RFEM and RF-STEEL SP with Certification for Russia

Russian Certification for RFEM and RF-STEEL SP

5 August 2014

The finite element program RFEM as well as the RF-STEEL SP add-on module used for the design of steel structures according to the Russian standard are now certified for Russia.

The certificate applies to the following standards:

  • SP 20.13330.2011 (SNIP 2.01.07-85*) - Loads and effects
  • SP 16.13330.2011 (SNIP II-23-81*) - Steelwork
  • SP 53-102-2004 - General rules for designing steel structures

If necessary, you can download the certificate here.

Model and Load Input as well as Determination of Internal Forces in RFEM

RFEM, Dlubal's 3D FEM software, allows for the simple modeling of structural elements such as beams, plates, walls, planar structures, shells and solids. Also the load can be easily entered. Useful tools like generating member loads from area loads facilitate the input, here.

The structures can be calculated linearly according to linear static analysis, or non-linearly according to second-order or large deformation analysis. The multi-core processor technology as well as the 64-bit technology are supported by the analysis core so that you can calculate even large structural systems in a short time.

Steel Design According to Russian Standard in RF-STEEL SP

The RFEM add-on module RF-STEEL SP performs the ultimate limit state design, the serviceability limit state design and the stability analysis according to the Russian standard for steel construction SP 16.13330.2011.

You can analyze action effects from compression, tension, bending, shear, combined internal forces and torsion for members and sets of members. Moreover, it is possible to define lateral supports for beams. In addition, the stability factors according to annex E, F and G are determined automatically.

RF-STEEL SP uses the materials stored in the material library of RFEM. This database contains the corresponding materials according to the Russian GOST standard. Furthermore, a large variety of cross-sections in accordance with the Russian standards GOST and TU is available, for example I- and T-sections, channels, angles, hollow sections, pipes etc. If necessary, you can optimize them during the calculation.

All input and results data as well as the results graphics of RF-STEEL SP can be printed into the RFEM printout report. This report can be edited in 12 languages, for example German, English and Russian.

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