New Features for Reinforced Concrete Design

Dlubal Software for Reinforced Concrete Structures

26 February 2015

Several new features have been implemented in the add-on modules for reinforced concrete design with the latest updates for the structural analysis programs RFEM and RSTAB. In the following, you can find a brief selection of useful new functions.


  • Improvement of the graphical results output of surface reinforcement and crack widths by section (reinforcement / crack width is displayed dependent on the direction +z or -z on the corresponding surface side -> Figure 2)


  • New graphical display of the existing reinforcement in 3D with select function. You can also display the rendering of the existing reinforcement in the RFEM/RSTAB window. (see Figure 1)
  • Optional consideration of shear between concrete parts of different ages and the flange and web of T‑sections (shoulder chord connection)
  • Assigning the existing reinforcement when performing the shear design (this allows to determine the shear capacity VRdc with the actually existing reinforcement in the support area without secondary reinforcement)
  • Torsion reinforcement layout uniformly surrounding in the cross‑section
  • Output of the ratio of shear resistance and torsional capacity with the existing shear and longitudinal reinforcement from the reinforcement concept


  • New foundation type "Block foundation with smooth bucket sides" (see Figure 3)
  • Library with foundation templates which can be extended by the user
  • Implementation of further national annexes with Method 3 for EN 1997-1
  • Possibility to increase the support moments from a linear-elastic calculation by using a factor for considering the influences from the second order analysis when designing reinforcement
  • Design of plain foundations
  • Possibility to selectively deactivate individual support forces
  • Option for the reference of the reinforcement dimension (tangential, axial and related to the mandrel diameter)


  • Implementation of several national annexes in EC 2 (NAs of 21 countries are thus available, for example Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Spain, France, etc.)

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