Parametrization of Frequently Recurring Systems

Parameters and Parametrized Models in RFEM/RSTAB

25 June 2015

Many projects share similar geometry and loading. To save time when performing the structural analysis, it can be useful to parametrize the structural models. Parametrization of such systems is possible with the finite element program RFEM and the structural beam analysis program RSTAB. It is possible to parametrize variables such as lengths, angles, masses, loads, cross-sections, etc.

The "parameters" can be used in formulas to determine a numeric value. The formulas are edited by the formula editor. If you change a parameter, the results of all formulas using this parameter are adjusted.

The model can be saved as template file and creating a "similar" project is quite easy: Open the template file and adjust the parameters.

The parametrized entry is also suitable for projects where many changes are to be expected.

Data Base with Parametrized 1D/2D/3D Models

RFEM and RSTAB contain many predefined structural models in the "block manager" by default, such as continuous beams, 2D/3D frames, 2D/3D trusses, tanks, solids, cooling towers, and others.

Most of these "blocks" have parameters, which can be modified during or after loading the structure. It is possible to save the modified or user-defined models as blocks (with or without parameters) and to manage them in the block manager.

The following video explains the steps for parametrizing models:

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